Photolife Studio is based on passion for photography shared by Vincenzo and Barbara.
Vincenzo, born in 1983, has a strong personal style and a marked taste for beauty deduce from his passion for fashion photography. Careful and targeted to the customer needs, his photos are born from a particular attention to ambience, shapes and colors. Can always find interesting compositions and points of view that will make you live again the emotions of your day through exclusive photos. 

Barbara, born in 1986, approaches photography according to a reportage style, trying to capture salient and natural moments, from a loving hug to a touched look, from a child’s smile to a honest caress. Her intent is to offer a product characterized by the authenticity of the shots, capturing motion and expressions in their free simplicity.
Competence, reserve, attention to details. All this to tell a story. Your story. 

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Via Crispi, 9, Marina di Gioiosa Jonica, RC, 89046, Italia

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